1 = access, entry, influx, membership, accession, admittance, entrée, down payment, tackle, inlet, admission.
Ex. Access to the contents of data bases is via some computer-searching technique, often using an online terminal.
Ex. The entry, change, and extraction of word and phrases from abstracts is described in detail in Chapter 9.
Ex. Many Americans viewed this influx of strangers with alarm.
Ex. The sharing of expertise through membership of a club of existing users can be valuable.
Ex. The documents concerning the accession of Greece to the European Communities were published in the official journal in 1979.
Ex. New rules have made it possible to show films publicly with free admittance.
Ex. Now that information is being distributed through the visual media, exhibitions can provide an entree for diversified and potentially larger audiences.
Ex. Programs range from offering affordable on-campus condominiums to lending money for a house down payment.
Ex. Footage from four decades of English soccer includes hard tackles, pushes and punches from club games.
Ex. The cell arrival processes on the inlets of the switching element are of a bursty nature.
Ex. Secondly, the admission of rules incompatible with the general ideology adopted inevitably entails subsequent remedial revision.
* bandeja de entrada = take-up tray, inbox [in-box].
* bien entrada la noche = late at night.
* casillero de entrada = inbox [in-box].
* conexión de entrada = inlet.
* dar entrada = enter.
* dar la entrada para = make + a deposit on.
* datos de entrada = input data.
* dispositivo de entrada de información mediante la voz = voice input device.
* dispositivos de entrada = input equipment.
* entrada aparatosa = explosive entrance.
* entrada de aire = air intake.
* entrada de datos = data entry, input, inputting.
* entrada de datos sólo una vez = one-time entry.
* entrada de lleno = plunge into.
* entrada de nuevo = re-entry [reentry].
* entrada de vuelta = flowing back.
* entrada en vigor = entry into force.
* entrada ilegal = trespass, trespassing.
* entrada inicial = deposit.
* entrada precipitada = plunge into.
* entradas y salidas = comings and goings.
* fichero de entrada = incoming file.
* hall de entrada = entrance hall, lobby, entrance foyer.
* hora de entrada = check-in time.
* impedir la entrada = keep out.
* negar la entrada = turn + Nombre + away.
* norma de entrada de datos = input standard.
* operario de entrada de datos = data entry operator.
* paquete de entrada y comprobación de datos = data entry and validation package.
* precio de entrada = price of admission.
* prohibida la entrada = no admittance.
* prohibir la entrada en = ban from.
* puerta de entrada = entrance gate, entrance door.
* puerto de entrada = port of entry.
* punto de entrada = entry point, entrance point, point of entry.
* rampa de entrada = driveway.
* registro de entrada = accessions register, accession record.
* sala de entrada = entrance lobby.
* señal de entrada prohibida = No Entry sign.
* sistema de entrada mediante tarjetas = card-entry system.
* torno de control de entrada = turnstile.
* válvula de entrada = inlet valve, intake valve.
* visado de entrada = entry visa.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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